Meet the Team

Ann Dunaway

Ann Dunaway has 30 years of sales, marketing, business development and operations experience. She’s spent the last 20+ years taking technology products and services to market, always as a very- early-stage employee. She co-foundered SchoolPay, the ecommerce solution of choice used by the largest school districts in the country (acquired by i3 Verticals). She builds effective and repeatable business processes coupled with creative marketing and distribution concepts. The products she represents stand out from the masses in competitive markets, or are better understood (when she represents products that have never been to market).

DRINK OF CHOICE: A bold, dry red wine
FAVORITE DOWNTIME ACTIVITY: Shaving time off her waking pace

David Dunaway

David has played early-stage roles in technology companies for more than 20 years. He’s been intimately involved in driving development of products that serve overlooked markets. He was the creator of SchoolPay, which quickly disrupted the ecommerce space in education. David is an accomplished speaker and natural-born leader. He’s successfully led sales and BD teams, and has served as CEO for both large and small companies.

DRINK OF CHOICE: Lagunitas (Beer speaks…..people mumble)